Use PC’s internet connection in Sony Ericsson mobile using bluetooth

The hardware I have is Sony Ericsson W580i and Orchid bluetooth dongle which comes with BlueSoleil

Here is the process: –

  1. Pair your phone with PC
    • Turn on bluetooth on your phone (go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth).
    • Start BlueSoleil and press “F5”. Now your phone should be visible in the main window; Right-click on it and select “Pair” from the menu. When prompted (in phone or PC or both), you will have to provide a numeric code (which should be same for both devices). Answer questions (if any) in affirmative.
  2. In BlueSoleil, go to My Services -> Properties -> Personal Area Networking and click on “Access LAN Network” and select the LAN adapter to use from the list. Press Ok to save.
  3. Now go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth -> My devices; scroll to your PC’s device name and press “Connect”.
  4. Now to to go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Internet settings -> Internet profiles -> New profile; supply a name to profile and in “Connect using” select your PC’s bluetooth connection; and “Save”.
  5. Now you should be able to access internet using your phone’s in-built browser. If you need to access internet from java applications also, simply go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Internet settings -> Settings for Java, and select the newly created from from the list.

That’s it.