Channels being streamed by Hathway Digital Cable TV

Here I present the list of channels being streamed by Hathway Digital Cable TV.

  • General (Numbered through 1…)
    • Star Plus
    • Star One
    • Sony TV
    • Colors
    • 9x Entertainment
    • NDTV Imagine
    • Star Utsav
    • Star World
    • Zee Cafe
    • DD India
    • DD Bharti
    • Show Bizz
    • DD National
    • Zoom
    • Hungama (I’ve seen this channel being streamed only once)
    • Bindas
    • SAB TV
    • Sahara One
    • Zee TV
  • Movie (Numbered through 101…)
    • CCC
    • Star Gold
    • Star Movies
    • Zee Cinema
    • HBO
    • Set Max
    • B4U Movies
    • AXN
    • Bindas Movies
    • SET PIX
    • Zee Studio
    • Sahara Filmy
    • Zee Classic
    • Zee Action
    • Zee Premier
    • UTV Movies
  • Sports (Numbered through 201…)
    • DD Sports
    • Star Sports
    • TEN Sports
    • ESPN
    • Neo Sports
    • Neo Plus
    • Zee Sports
    • Star Cricket
  • News (Numbered through 301…)
    • IBN7
    • 24X7
    • NDTV Profit
    • Star News
    • CNBC
    • CNN International
    • Sahara NCR
    • Aaj Tak
    • DD News
    • Headlines Today
    • India TV
    • NDTV India
    • SUN News
    • DD Lok Sabha
    • DD Rajya Sabha
    • Times Now
    • VOI
    • Total TV
    • Delhi Aaj Tak
    • CNN IBN
    • BBC World
    • UTV News
    • Tej TV
    • CNBC Awaaz
    • Zee Business
    • Zee News
    • News X English
    • NDTV Good Times
    • BBC Online
    • News 24
  • Music (Numbered through 401…)
    • Channel V
    • E24
    • ETC Music
    • VH1
    • MTV
    • Zee Music
    • Sun Music
    • 9x Music
  • Miscellaneous (Numbered through 501…)
    • National Geography
    • The History Channel
    • AniMax
    • Animal Planet
    • Discovery
    • Discovery Lifestyle
    • Nickelodeon
    • Pogo
    • Cartoon Network
    • Real Estate
    • Toon Disney
    • Disney

Following above are various devotional, regional and fashion channels which I think are not worth any mention here.


A peek into future…

Past night I had a very weird dream, or better said I just peeked into the future. It was very short or may be I don’t remember it much now.

It goes like this:

At start I realised that I was on the terrace and when I looked up at the sky I saw a lot of helicopters flying, some landing on the terraces of the adjoining building or so. Afterwards what happened I can’t remember but I remember later realising that the upper section of society which could afford a ride of helicopter lived at the top half of the buildings and used helicopter for travelling and those who could not afford lived at the other half of the buildings and used cars for travelling…

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The circle of life…

Got this into my inbox yesterday… very imaginative 😉
Tip: Click on the image if you can’t see it completely.

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Use PC’s internet connection in Sony Ericsson mobile using bluetooth

The hardware I have is Sony Ericsson W580i and Orchid bluetooth dongle which comes with BlueSoleil

Here is the process: –

  1. Pair your phone with PC
    • Turn on bluetooth on your phone (go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth).
    • Start BlueSoleil and press “F5”. Now your phone should be visible in the main window; Right-click on it and select “Pair” from the menu. When prompted (in phone or PC or both), you will have to provide a numeric code (which should be same for both devices). Answer questions (if any) in affirmative.
  2. In BlueSoleil, go to My Services -> Properties -> Personal Area Networking and click on “Access LAN Network” and select the LAN adapter to use from the list. Press Ok to save.
  3. Now go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Bluetooth -> My devices; scroll to your PC’s device name and press “Connect”.
  4. Now to to go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Internet settings -> Internet profiles -> New profile; supply a name to profile and in “Connect using” select your PC’s bluetooth connection; and “Save”.
  5. Now you should be able to access internet using your phone’s in-built browser. If you need to access internet from java applications also, simply go to Menu -> Settings -> Connectivity -> Internet settings -> Settings for Java, and select the newly created from from the list.

That’s it.

Open letter to Wordspace

Hi Wordspace,

This is my first post since I have come to you and ditched Blogger…

The only thing I switched from Blogger is that I wanted something other than Blogger, something different, and that other major thing currently is you.

Your infrastructure seems a bit better (for me, at least) but you have lot more financial implications (and I, having no GF till now, am not accustomed to them), the most haunting for me being lack of custom css without upgrade, given that I was experimenting with a completely new css template at Blogger with a stable two column variable-width layout. Maybe now I should concentrate more on content than its presentation.

Just hoping for a true loving relationship…

Yours truly


BTW it seems that I have found a suitable title for my blog also 😉

Hathway Digital Cable TV

Our local cable operator recently started digital cable tv service (side-by-side analogue) in collaboration with Hathway. Along with this change came poor picture quality as well as reduction in the number of channels being shown. Though I have no in-depth knowledge of the technology, I can (perhaps) predict that this was as a result of reduction of bandwidth allotted to normal tv channels.

So, if not for better picture quality, for getting all the movie and some of the music channels back, we decided to switch to digital tv. There was not really any option here because we wanted a service which is good enough with low initial cost. This meant a clear *no* to all the DTH service providers and the only way to go was Hathway. The local cable operator insisted that the picture quality is very good but upon asking for a demo, denied it.

So we shifted to Hathway digital cable tv (with minimal startup cost of Rs.500/- for set-top box and Rs.100/- for installation). The package consisted of a set-top box, a remote, a pair of batteries, one RCA cable and manual.

To start off with, the hardware which comes along seems to be of good quality. The remote also is really good with wide range (so one does not have to point it towards the set-top box) and the button placement is also satisfactory. On the back of the set-top box are two coaxial cable jacks (IN and OUT) and one RCA jack. Our tv does not support stereo sound and this box does not support mono.

The picture quality is good only in comparison with the normal cable tv connection. Boxes can be easily noticed in rapid motion videos in some of the channels, as in highly compressed videos (Does DVB allows different compression ratios for different channels?). On many times the video is also skipping in some of the channels. [EDIT:Since the last two months the video skipping problem has virtually gone off; now it happens very rarely.]

Other features of the box include EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which shows complete program chart for the day. Program reminders are also available, but you can only set reminder for the current day. It also supports a Favourite List which can store 20 channels at most. A few games are also available which can take care of kids for some time.

Overall, it is an upgrade from the normal cable tv and also has negligible start-up cost (even zero in some places, I’ve heard). But if you have the money to spare then I would recommend a satelite based DTH service.

You may also want to have a look at Channels being streamed by Hathway Digital Cable TV.

Sony Ericsson W580i v/s ID3 tags

I have a Sony Ericsson W580i mobile phone. I was having problem with it right from the day I purchased it (around 5 months ago); err… actually no problem with the phone, the problem was with the Walkman player found on the phone (I’m very much satisfied with the phone otherwise).

The phone’s Walkman player software was just not properly reading the tags of the mp3 files I copied to it, though it was working well for some of the mp3 files. Just to make sure that the problem was indeed related to the Walkman player, I installed KDPlayer and found that it was correctly reading/displaying tags. The problem was not so critical, so I just lived with it (and somewhere in my mind hoping to somehow resolve the matter or take it up with relevant people).

Last week I made-up my mind to do something about the problem. Since I used Amarok (yes, I mostly use Linux/openSUSE at home) for transferring media files, I contacted taglib (library used by Amarok for reading/writing tags) developers and filed a bug report giving one copy of file from which tags were read correctly and other from which tags were not read correctly. They were very quick to respond and pointed out that the file which was working properly was using ‘Latin-1’ encoding and the other file was using ‘UTF-8’ encoding for tags.

In short, the Walkman player was having problem with UTF-8. I had two options then, 1) to ask Sony Ericsson to do the needful, 2) fix media files on my computer to work properly with my mobile. Second option seemed better to me. On the taglib mailing list itself I came to know about eyeD3, an easy to use “Python module and program for processing ID3 tags”.

This command was enough for the task: –

eyeD3 –set-encoding=latin1 –force-update file

But I had to run it for every file, so I had to use shell scripts, and with little bit of shell-programming knowledge I had, (not willing to learn anything more) I came with this: –

cd “$1”
for i in *; do
if test -d “$i”
handle_sd “$i”
cd ..
for i in *.mp3; do
if test -f “$i”
eyeD3 –set-encoding=latin1 –force-update -v “$i”
handle_sd .

Now, I’m happy that the Walkman player is working good at least for me, but I have to run the script (from the root directly of my whole music collection) before I transfer fresh tracks to my phone because even when I edit the tags (on computer, obviously) they are saved in UTF-8 encoding format.

It would have been better had I contacted Sony Ericsson to fix the phone’s software (and eventually help other affected people also). So, I plan to raise this issue with them within a week or so and see how they respond.