Sparkle Media

Sparkle Media is the name of media player/manager which I am working/experimenting on for the past about 2-3 years.

Due to continuous improvement of KDE/Qt and my experiments (of course!) compounded by lack of time, the project is still at a very early stage. But the past few months have proved to be fruitful for the project and it can now do normal playback, show video/visualisation and offers a basic playlist with play queue and history. It is using GStreamer as its backend in place of Phonon. The project is hosted on No binaries are available at the moment, the only option you can try it is to get it through it’s svn repository and compile yourself. You’ll need KDE4.2, Qt4.5, Gstreamer 0.10 with development packages installed to compile it. I’ll definitely provide binaries later on when I feel it has matured enough for more people to try.

Working features as of now: –

  • Playback: Play/Pause, Stop, Seek, Volume
  • Playlists: NowPlaying, Play Queue, History
  • Play Videos
  • Show visualisation for audio
  • Basic support for 10-band equaliser

Major non-supported features as of now: –

  • Play videos in full screen
  • Play AudioCD/VideoCD/VideoDVD
  • Manage/save custom playlists
  • Media collection for audio/video

For updates about the project, please visit the project web site


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