KGoldRunner is the best game for me offered by KDE. It offers very good gameplay (tests your reflexes, your brain and sometimes even your patience), coupled with very good default theme complemented by a few more good themes.

No best way to introduce than the game’s documentation itself: –

KGoldrunner is an action game where the hero runs through a maze and dodges enemies. You must guide the hero with the mouse or keyboard and collect all the gold nuggets, then you can climb up into the next level. Your enemies are also after the gold. Worse still, they are after you! They will kill you if they catch you!

The problem is you have no weapon to kill them. All you can do is run away, dig holes in the floor to trap them or lure them into some area where they cannot hurt you. After a short time a trapped enemy climbs out of his hole, but if it closes before that, he will die and reappear somewhere else.


Initial screen of KGoldRunner


First level of default level set


First level with my favourite theme - The Treasure of Egypt


Enemies traped by the Hero

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10 Responses to “KGoldRunner”

  1. Parh Jin Says:

    Hi, I can’t get through Initiation Level 87, can’t find the solution anywhere on the web. The problem is a false floor below the vertical line of gold on the left. I think I’m supposed to get a zombie to fall into it to block it, but then they will always get a gold and I can’t get it from them.. help!

    • Yogesh Marwaha Says:

      Hi, if you have still not figured it out, here is how I did it: –

      • Clear all gold on the right side of the scene
      • Go to the left most column while making sure that only one enemy is on the oposite block
      • Start clearing the left block. Do it slowly. When you are two/three steps down, that enemy would jump, filling the invisible hole.
      • Now you are ready to finish everything else!

      PS: Playing on Windows?
      Screenshot of completed level

  2. Parh Jin Says:

    playing on Fedora : ) Thanks for the prompt reply, but I still don’t get it. Let me go through point by point. 😛

    1. Clear all the gold on the right side of the scene.
    This is not a pre-requisite right? Although I usually do clear the right side first, out of habit. I could do that after I plug that invisible hole.

    2. Start clearing the left block. Do it slowly…
    You mean those few pieces of gold on those horizontal blocks right?
    I could not clear the vertical column of gold myself, without getting stuck in the invisible hole.
    But if the vertical column is still there and the enemy jumps, he will surely grab a gold on the way down and get it stuck in the hole with him. Is that not the case?

    • Yogesh Marwaha Says:

      Clearing right first may not be necessary but I had cleared it that way.

      The main point is that you need to clear left-most blocks before the vertical line of gold. Also, it seems necessary that only one enemy is on the oposite block. The trick is to get him to fall in the hole. (If there are more, they all will jump, so your landing will not be safe). You can land afterwards and collect gold from him.

      Now it should be relatively easy for you if you have completed all the previous levels (I have not).


  3. Parh Jin Says:

    ah Yogesh, you have given me an important clue, you say: “You can land afterwards and collect gold from him”.
    He gets a gold, he falls into the hole, I can walk on top of him. I can even stand on his head while falling down. When I push “down” while standing over his head, either in free fall or when he is in the hole, I die. (I’m using the keyboard to play, not sure whether it makes a difference)
    When I burn away the real bricks beside him, he doesn’t come out (walk left or right).

    How do I get the gold from him when he is in the hole? OR how do I get him to fall into the hole without taking a gold with him? Do you mean to say that when you entice him to jump, he doesn’t grab a gold from the vertical column of gold?

    thanks for your patience. Yes, I have finished all the previous levels, sometimes it comes to luck and many, many tries. But I just cannot complete this level.. and there is no provided solution anywhere..

  4. Yogesh Marwaha Says:

    In my case, the gold he had was on his head, and I collected it from there. May be you should try and collect all gold from other places first.

  5. Parh Jin Says:

    hmm.. I did try that, I had got all the gold possible except the left side (the vertical row and those on the horizontal blocks.) Gold on his head looks like just falling into a burned hole rather than a false brick hole.
    Thanks anyway. btw, which platform are you playing on?

  6. Parh Jin Says:

    ok, I’ll try getting him to jump when he is already carrying a gold. sigh, so complicated.
    another difference may be I usually get him to jump from the top of the leftmost ladder rather than from the bottom of the ladder or the flat space below the ladder. wonder whether that makes a difference…

    I’m on fedora 13, should be Gnome. KDE was going through a difficult phase at that time.

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